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SISTEM UNGGUL TERINTEGRASI (SUSTAIN) established on January 2, 2019, headquartered in Jakarta with two branch offices in Batam and Semarang. SUSTAIN was founded by several practitioners in the field of training and certification, be it systems management (quality, environment, K3, safety food, information/data security, sustainability energy, etc.) and other fields.

SUSTAIN always prioritizes the principle of giving training and certification services to provide significant and sustainable added value for client. The purpose of establishing SUSTAIN is to provide management system certification and services training that provides special added value to clients.

Along with the growing need for certification, both product certification, system certification management, personnel certification, etc., as well the need to increase competitiveness companies, then the selection of certification service providers which provides added value becomes very important. SUSTAIN can be the right choice for meet those needs.

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Our Mission
Constantly Improving Sustainable Management System To Provide Benefits For Stakeholders
Our Vision
Become a Management System Partner